New Ohio Tax Amnesty Program


By Edmund G. Kauntz, Esq.

In last year’s budget bill, the Ohio legislature created an amnesty program for most Ohio taxes which were unreported/underreported and unpaid as of May 1, 2017.  The program runs only from January 1 through February 15, 2018.  If your application for amnesty is approved, you will avoid 100% of any applicable penalties, and pay only 50% of any interest otherwise due plus overdue and unpaid taxes.  This is a very favorable benefit for taxpayers with unpaid Ohio individual, withholding, pass-through entity, sales and use, commercial activity, financial institutions, tobacco and alcoholic beverage taxes.

Taxpayers qualify for amnesty only if they have not been contacted by the Ohio Department of Taxation concerning the unpaid taxes.  You must complete an amnesty application, complete the applicable overdue tax return(s), attach any required supporting documentation, include payment of the entire amount due (i.e., unpaid tax plus 50% of the interest due), and mail the package to the Ohio Department of Taxation.  The Department will send you a notification letter which approves or denies your application within 30 days after receipt.

The following link will provide further information and the forms necessary to apply:

We would be happy to assist you in applying for Ohio tax amnesty.  Please contact Edmund G. Kauntz at or 216-292-5807 for further information.